Second Round Of Lockdowns? DJ Sbu Roasted For “Causing Unnecessary Panic”

South African musician and radio host DJ Sbu came under fire recently over his claim that another lockdown is imminent.

The lockdown most people are aware of was the one spawned by the coronavirus pandemic years ago. Ir was as unexpected as can be imagined and turned most people’s plans and dreams upside down. Across the world, governments enforced lockdown measures to try to contain the spread of the virus.

Somehow, with vaccines and other medications, the virus was soon contained and people could go about their normal businesses again. But the spectre of the virus still looms, with people fearing that lockdowns are not over yet.

What DJ Sbu stated is actually the same fear that is being projected in some quarters. Only, it gained resonance across South Africa because he is a public figure whose words carry some weight.

In a post on his official Twitter page, DJ Sbu noted that the lockdowns are coming again. He claimed that lockdowns are already being enforced in different parts of the world and the same fate will soon befall South Africa.

He was slammed across social media for the post, with tweeps accusing him of causing unnecessary panic. You can check out his post below.

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