Singer Simphiwe Dana Reflects On Her Meeting With Former President Thabo Mbeki

South African singer Simphiwe Dana recently met with former President Thabo Mbeki and learned a lot from that encounter, which she reflected upon soon after.

In a tweet, she had shared pictures of herself and the former president in what appears to be a private jet. Both wore lavish smiles as they faced the camera.

In the caption to her post, the songstress indicated she had been in Guinea with the former president and had the opportunity to ask him many questions. Mbeki, she noted, was patient and gentle as she bombarded him with a myriad of questions, answering them as he could.

In the comment section, fans fired off their own questions, with one asking her whether she asked the former president about the “ring of secrecy on his fingers.” Well, she had no answer for the questioner.

Another noted how South African celebs have access to a lot of positions and turn the opportunity into being groupies, only to return to social media to complain about how those p[olitiicans are not performing as they should. You can check out her post below

Well, as Simphiwe Dana herself noted, she learned a lot from her conversation with the former president – and that is what counts for her.

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