Sizwe Dhlomo Admits Pleasure In AKA’s “Casino” Song Feat. Flvme & Sho Madjozi

In case you missed it, “Fela In Versace” rapper AKA recently released a song titled “Casino” in collaboration with Flvme and Sho Madjozi. The song is part of the imminent “Bhovamania” EP, which is currently available for preorder.

Fans have confessed great pleasure in the song while urging AKA to speed up the release of the EP, which has a 6 November release date. Fans are not alone in their pleasure with Casino, apparently.

Notable AKA critic Sizwe Dhlomo has confessed great pleasure in the song as well.  Sizwe Dhlomo had declaimed in a recent tweet his love for “Casino,” adding AKA’s imminent t EP would be great if other songs in the project are similarly appealing.

AKA and Sizwe Dhlomo have had sporadic quarrels online, with SIzwe Dhlomo saying at some point that he’ll f..k the “Energy” star up for free.

Have you listened to AKA’s “Casino” single with Sho Madjozi and Flvme? If you haven’t, you might want to check it out here. Are you as chuffed with the song as Sizwe Dhlomo? Why or why not?

You might want to share your thoughts in the comment section below and keep your eyes open for the release of the EP.

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