Tweeps React As Tyler Perry Buys BET Media Group, Including VH1

What’s the future of the Black Entertainment Television (BET) network? That’s one question that has occupied the minds of many social media users after news broke that celebrated filmmaker Tyler Perry has acquired it.

Perry had a long bidding war with the likes of 50 Cent and P. Diddy. He eventually outbid both to become the new owner of the iconic platform. But what would the future be like under Perry’s leadership?

According to sources, Perry has just worked out a deal to take over the BET Media Group from parent company Paramount Global. The financial aspects of the takeover have not been made public.

However, some sources claim that the deal is around #400 million – certainly not too much for a man that Forbes once said has a net worth of $1 billion.

With a successful takeover bid, Perry would also start controlling VH1, a part of the BET Media Group. The acquisition is another big win for Perry, who has strong control of the African American entertainment demographic.

Online, tweeps have not been impressed with the acquisition by Perry. But would their objection really count for much? A man does what he pleases with his money. Perry has done just that.

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