Usher’s Tiny Desk Concert Boosts The Meme Economy

The meme economy is flourishing, and it’s doubtful it’ll stop flourishing anytime soon. At any rate, American singer Usher appeared to have boosted the economy with his Tiny Desk performance recently. 

For many who watched the performance, there were many memes to describe it all. And for some, the convert itself was a meme. 

One fan wasn’t impressed with the length of the performance, though. For her, the ideal would have been if the singer showed up at her home and performed every song from the nine albums he’s released so far. 

For others, the meme was in Usher’s use of the phrase “watch this.” Okay, we’re watching. What next? You can check out some of the memes and comments below. 

Usher’s Tiny Desk performance was significant because it was one of the first times the concert would be held at the official Tiny Desk following the coronavirus outbreak in 2019. 

Usher had his band tag along as he entertained those who would listen over the weekend.

It was a performance that many would remember for a long time to come because, among others, it symbolises the world’s return to normalcy — or a semblance of it — following the devastating intrusion of COVID.

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