Watch as SA lady lusts after Riky Rick’s eggplant as he performed

Watch an SA lady lust after Riky Rick’s eggplant as he performed at a recent show.

We all can’t deny, Mzansi rapper, is one of the sexiest male celebs in the country. The ladies drool over him, while some go nuts when he’s close to them. We mean that in every way.

A recently shared video on social media sees an SA lady wanting a piece of the rapper while he performed on stage. The lady is seen with her face close to his crotch. She doesn’t hide the fact that she wants some of him as she dances to the music.

The hilarious video has already gotten popular on social media with many reactions to it. It isnt shocking how much the ladies love Riky, the Mzansi star is madly talented, and has impeccable taste. Dont get us started on his height. is the man.

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