Watch Now: Bravo Le Roux Premieres “Ekhaya” Music Video Featuring Digital Sangoma

For fans of the South African rapper Bravo Le Roux Drops who have been waiting for the release of his “Ekhaya” music video, the wait is over and they can now immerse themselves in the world of his creation.

The songster has just released the music video featuring Digital Sangoma. The music video follows the release of his “Igazi, Iinyembezi Nombilo,” which had a wonderful reception among fans.

The “Ekhaya” music video is a work of great personal devotion. The songster had put great effort into its creation and was himself pleased with the result. He excitedly shared about it on his official Instagram page, directing fans to check it out on YouTube.

The reception for the video has been mostly positive – a confirmation that the effort put into its creation has not been in vain.

“Ekhaya” the music video is pretty memorable, with the power to speak to the spirit of whoever should decide to listen to it. So, yes, you are certainly sure of having a good time with this one.

With the music video, Bravo le Roux has once again shown that he is creative and confident in his gift. You can check out the clip below.

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