Willow Smith’s Dreamy vacation Pictured

Many might not know her as a fashion nut, but Willow Smith surely knows how to snag attention now and then. Well, she showed her fashionista self again recently during a recent vacation.

Will Smith’s daughter had reportedly left her home in Malibu for somewhere edenic, and she has been sharing pictures about her adventures ever since. One of the pictures that have snagged attention so far was that of her rocking a black bikini.

In the picture, she could be seen sitting in what appears to be a forest, rocking a black bikini, her dog close behind her for security. She looked more than happy to be where she was.

She didn’t reveal her location, which further stoked the curiosity of her fans. They asked in the comment section of her post where she took the photos. Last we checked, though, there was no response from her regarding her location – obviously, the best thing to do is to keep silent. You can check out one of the pictures below.

Willow is having the time of her life. Her recent adventures follow her sharing pictures from her Malibu studio apartment, as well as collaborating with some brands. Indeed, as one fan noted, life can be good.

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