Big Nuz “R Mashesha” Album Review

We wonder how fans of Gqom trio Big Nuz feel to finally getting a new album from them after many years apart. The stars have been at the forefront of the Gqom scene for nearly two decades. They have created and dominated the artists with hits enough to register themselves as legends in the SA music scene.

Big Nuz has released six albums. They include “Zozo,” released in 2006, “2nd Round Knockout”, “Undisputed,” “Pound For Pound,” “Made In Africa,” and “For The Fans.” 2015’s “For The Fans” marked the last album fans received from the trio before they disbanded, leaving everyone longing for their return.

Fast-forward to this year, Big Nuz is back doing what they do most—making good music and moving their fans to dance. The famous trio has released its seventh studio album titled “R Mashesha.” The album was released via DJ Tira’s Afrotainment label and featured some of the label’s most prominent artists. You will undoubtedly love jamming to this.

Cover Art

Big Nuz “R Mashesha” cover art

How do you feel when your favorite artists or DJs choose to show you what they looked like during their come-up rather than what they’ve become? We don’t know about you, but it certainly makes us feel like they are human like us. Hahaha. For the cover art of their new album “R Mashesha,” Big Nuz used a photo of themselves at younger ages.

In our opinion, it is also a relatable photo because they look just like the young hustlers they were when they started. The image captures them sitting in a bus with the doors open. Something about the photo makes you know they will be close friends until they leave this earth. A look at the cover also makes you reminisce about the journey they took to get to the place where they are today.

Popular Tracks

We must confess it was exciting to hear that Big Nuz had finally reunited. The trio first appeared as a featured act in the late DJ Sumbody’s song “Azul” alongside Bean RSA and Prime De 1st. The song got the attention it deserved and gained praise from fans. They then embarked on their journey and released the first song from the album “R Mashesha.” The song “Ngeke” featuring DJ Yamza dropped a week before their album was released. It is currently the most popular song on the album. It showed Mzansi that they had come to party.


Through the years, Big Nuz has proven again and again that they know what to do to create the kind of album that their fans want. The trio assembled the best artists and DJs to join them on the album. It features some of Afrotainment’s best and most talked-about hitmakers. The guest acts include DJ Fisherman, Fey M, L’vovo, Costah Dolla, DJ Yamza, Masandi, Skillz, Mdumazi, DJ Tira, Q Twins, Prince Bulo, The Gift, Joejo, Worst Behaviour, Babes Wodumo, and Sbo Afroboyz. They all worked together to create the dope tracks in the album. Each contributor was perfect for the songs they were featured on.


Everyone expects their faves’ return to the scene to be spectacular. You might say it was the same for Big Nuz. The duo dropped the song “Ngeke” with DJ Yamza, and the response to it has been excellent. There was no denying the fact that they aimed to dominate the scene like they used to. Their “R Mashesha” album is a call to party. We all know they’re kings of the dancefloor, and they proved it with this spectacular project. If you’re in the mood to dance, this is your project.

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