Cast Of 2021 Love Island South Africa, Application Requirements, Procedures & How To Watch Full Episodes

Here’s all you need to know about the cast of 2021 Love Island South Africa, application requirements, procedures, and how to watch the full episodes. The first season of the show was hosted by Leandie du Randt.


The cast of the 2021 Love Island South Africa was announced on March 1st. However, the show received a lot of backlash for its mostly white cast. The show featured a total of 26 contestants with Libho Geza & Thimna emerging as a the winning couple.

Thinma Shooto: a 26- year-old black female contestant who hails from Mossel Bay and works as a message therapist and an online trainer.

Summer Da Cruz: a 21-year-old female contestant from Johannesburg. She is a professional dancer who has worked with MSC Cruiseliners.

Erin Japhta: a 21-year-old marketing student studying in Los Angeles, California. She has lived in Indonesia, the United States, and now, Cape Town, South Africa.

Rochelle Van Vuuren: Is a 23-year-old BCom strategic manager and a digital content creator. Rochelle was born in Pretoria.

Millie Terblanche: Is a 20-year-old onfluencer from Cape Town. Millie lost a lot of weight and used it as a medium to learn to love herself.

Durang Atembe: Is a 20-year-old personal trainer from Cameroon. He is very outgoing, and currently lives in Cape Town.

Libhongo-Lethu: 23-year-old Libho hails from King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape. He is a student-athlete, micro-influencer and freelance model.

Asad Boomgard: Asad is a 24-year-old trainer is from Johannesburg. He considers himself an old in search of true love.

Freemantle: is a 23-year-old social media star and fitness influencer. He is from Sandton and is the founder of a digital media company.

Kaige Bertasso: Is a 24-year-old Tennis coach from Durban. He is so confident and admits that his confidence can come across as boastful.

Ian De Beer: is a bodybuilder and law student from Pretoria. Ian is a confident and funny man. He says he loves the awkwardness of his personality.

Others include, Danè, Chris, Jame, Jelena, Josh, Justin, Kitty, Mischka, Ross, Sarah, Tania, Tats, Tiala, Tione, Xavier.

Application Requirements;

To apply successfully for Love Island South Africa, you’ll need to know this;

1. You will need to be 18-30 years old to enter the show.

2. You will also need to be a South African citizen or have a valid permit or permanent residence status in the country of South Africa to apply.
4. It doesn’t matter if you have children or not so long as you aren’t currently married.
5. Legally divorced people can apply to join the show. You must also be able to provide the producers with your divorce papers.

6. At this current stage, only heterosexual people are required to apply.

7. You may not apply for the show if you’re an employee or associate of the show. This includes employees or associates of  Rapid Blue, Media Network Propriety Limited or the MultiChoice Group of Companies or any of the M.I.H. Group of companies

8. You will need a full length photo of yourself in swimwear, and ones showing your head and shoulders, and full face.

9. Short-listed contestants will have to consent to background checks by the producers.

10. You must either be single and searching for love, or open to finding a partner. This is basically what the show is centered on.

11. Other than having an amazing body you’re confident in, producers also look out for people with amazing personalities who would be very interesting to watch.

12. A great social media profile could also get you through the door. So, be sure to have one those, although it isn’t a compulsory requirement.


While procedures to apply to be a part of Love Island South Africa aren’t available at the moment, be sure to have passed all of the requirements. This includes the photos you will be required to submit, valid permit, permanent residence status, in South Africa, and of course, proof of citizenship. You must also have identification to prove that you’re up to 18 years old and above. Divorce documents will also be required.

Bookmark this link for when applications would be activated again.

How to watch the full episodes of Love Island South Africa;

While the show may currently be over, viewers can still watch it whenever they please. Go here to check out some of the highlights of the full show, including the pairing up of the couples, winners announcement, and of course, interviews. You can also subscribe and watch the full episodes of the show on Showmax where you can catch all of the fun.

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