Top 16 New School SA Hip Hop Artists

Check out the Top 16 New School SA Hip Hop Artists

Here are the top 16 new school SA Hip Hop artists killing it in the game right now.

You may have noticed that there are more young rappers who are doing so much in the SA Hip Hop scene right now. We all can’t deny how much their contribution to the game is worth. From Nasty C, to Emtee, to Boity, Nadia Nakai more, the Hip Hop scene in Mzansi has received more life than it had before.

Every year, each of these new school rappers deliver fresh sounds to the airwaves further pushing the genre to the top. They are always bar ready, and poised to deliver. We know that in years to come, they’ll do even better than we have seen already.

Now, here’s a list of the top 16 SA Hip Hop artists in no particular order.

1. Nasty C

You might as well call him the biggest rapper in Mzansi right now. Nsikayesizwe David Junior Ngcobi aka Nasty C has made a mark in SA Hip Hop, one that will be visible for a really long time.

He has dropped various hits projects and singles including “SMA”, “There They Go”, “They Don’t”, “Said”, “King”, etc. We could go on and on. Currently signed to Def Jam, Nasty has collaborated with some of the best in the game, local and international.

2. A-Reece

Mzansi rapper and songwriter, Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge aka A-Reece is undeniably one of the highest acclaimed rappers in Mzansi right now. He’s been on a great ride since he hit the scene years back, and it has been paying off.

The talented muso has commissioned some big hits including “Meanwhile In Honeydew”, “Holding Hands”, “Couldn’t”, “On My Own”, “Everybody Hates Reece”, and more. He is currently one of the country’s most sort after rappers for a feature. You could call him an SA rapper’s rapper.

3. Emtee

Here’s another big boss. Mthembeni Ndevu aka Emtee is one rapper Mzansi will never get enough of. He knows that, and that’s why we love him. It’s been a great year for him already with singles like “Wave”, “Brand New Day”, “Johustleburg”, and several features.

Our love for the rapper grew back in the day when he delivered “We Up”, “Roll Up”, “Pearl Thusi” and more via Ambitiouz Entertainment. We are still in love with his sound, and he continues to make it worth our while.

4. Shane Eagle

Shane Patrick Hughes aka Shane Eagle is one of Mzansi’s most beloved rappers. We doubt that the country has seen all that he has to offer. Even his fans know there’s more to come. We remember vibing to “Paris” so much last year.

Since he hit our radar in 2015, we have been blessed with hits including “Let It Flow”, “Black Rick”, “Need Me”, “Empty Highways”, and more. We can’t wait to see him drop more.

5. The Big Hash

Now here’s the thing, Hash doesn’t think we know how much of a dope rapper he is, but we do know. Anyways, we are grateful to have received “How To Kill A Dead Body” because that was a huge vibe.

Because of The Big Hash, we have been blessed with resounding hits including “Circles”, “Amnesia”, “Outcast”, and more. This is one rapper, we are sure will keep surprising us. We are happy to state that Mzansi is always open to surprises.

6. J Molley

There’s something about J Molley that keeps us coming back. Well, who wouldn’t want more of what he offers? To be honest, his brief back and forth with The Big Hash this year was very refreshing. It was sad that it ended the way it did.

Since he hit the scene, Molley has given fans gifts such as the jams “Always Stressed”, “Seven Bottles”, “Lightning”, “Never Know” and more. He’s already blessed us with “Narco”, “I’m Good” and “Pallbearer”, this year. We hear there’s more on the way.

7. Flvme

Mzansi’s very own Hybrid, Flvme has a lot of bars to spit. It’s been refreshing following his sound and style, and news is, he will soon bless fans with a new project. Since he hit the scene, Flvme has caught a lot of ears in Mzansi.

We must say, his “CandyMan” album was on a whole other level. It contained several dope joints including “Home Run”, “Late Nights”, “Candy Man”, and more. We doubt that we have seen all of him.

8. Costa Titch

Right now, Costa Titch is one of the hottest new school rappers in Mzansi. All thanks to his smash hit “Nkalakatha Remix”. It keeps getting mad streams by the day.

Costa has proven himself over and over again with dope joints and amazing features,  including “Thembi” with Boity, “Phezulu”, “Ekse”, “Activate” with and Alfakatlaygo. With so much energy to spare, Mzansi knows he’ll be around for a long time.

9. 25k

This dude right here has earned our respect. Ours, and that of everyone else. With bars for days, and a personality to woo a nation, 25K is the rapper to follow.

His music hits a different way. He has blessed us with amazing joints including “Culture Vulture”, “Netflix”, “Fresh Take” and more. His “Champion Music” project, was a true blessing to SA music, and we loved every bit of it. It is obvious that his best is yet to come.

10. Frank Casino

Literally everyone in Mzansi right now has vibed to a joint by Tembisa-born rapper, Frank Casino. You may have noticed how much he’s always in his own lane. That draws even more fans to him. This year, he blessed fans with “Block Hot”, a true must-listen.

He has also stolen hearts with hits such as “Sudden” featuring Cassper Nyovest & Major League, “Whole Thing”, “Money Calling”, “Black Metallic” and more. We could go on and on. His music has drawn a whole lot of fans to his corner. We can’t wait to hear even more.

11. Boity

Now let her introduce herself, she is a Queen. Bless the day Boity decided to chase a career in rap music. She has since registered herself as one of the country’s biggest female rappers. Indeed, she deserves all the respect she gets.

Boity has blessed fans with resounding hits. The kind we can never get enough of. She has given us “Bakae”, “Wuz Dat?”, and more. She’s also appeared on features, and made the songs even better. She was recently announced to have signed to Def Jam Africa, a signing that made Mzansi proud.

12. Nadia Nakai

Now, here’s another queen on the list. If there was a list of Mzansi’s best female rappers, Bragga would definitely make the top 2. That’s how much of a vibe she is.

Since she hit the scene, she has only gotten better from the stunner she used to be. She has dropped hits including “Imma Boss”, “More Drugs”, “Amai”, and more. Recently, she gave us “40 Bars”, a joint that featured Emtee and DJ Capital. We can’t wait to see all that she will deliver.

13. Touchline

Singer, rapper, and dancer, Touchline has been a whole vibe since he hit the scene a few years back. Not every rapper can do what he does. He has won over a lot of hearts, and received love from so many.

Last year, he made OkayAfrica‘s “15 South African Artists To Watch” list. His street raps hit a different way. He has dropped drop joints including “5Grand”, “The Dreamer (Freestyle)”, “The Procedure”, “Award Shows”, “These Shoes”, and more. It is obvious that the future holds so much more for him.

14. Lucasraps

This is certainly one rapper with talent and a personality to march. He is regarded as one of the captains of New Age rap, and we think it is well deserving. The talented muso has been around for a few years and has made himself visible on the SA Hip Hop scene.

He has amassed quite a number of fans to himself with dope joints including “BENZ”, “Drip Drop”, “Haibo”, “Without Me”, “La Di”, “Like Me” and more. He once revealed he is currently on a mission to take over the world. We are sure he will definitely do that someday.

15. Indigo Stella

Here’s the boss guys. 2019’s Breakout Artist of the year. We all can’t deny, Indigo Stella is a big thrill. The talented rap star is still on the climb to the top, but we doubt that she is still far from there. This year, she gave fans the visuals for her confident hit song “Boss Up”.

Her joint “No Smoke” has drawn even more fans to her. She has also delivered the “Indigo” project which we must say will be remembered for a long time.


Nomuzi Mabena aka is one rapper that brings so much joy to our hearts. The TV personality cum rapper has independently pushed herself to the front of the rap game in Mzansi.

She has dropped impressive joints including “Vatel”, “Be Somebody”, “S’funukwazi” and more. Literally every SA Hip Hop fan appreciates her contributions to the game. She is regarded as one of Mzansi’s most talented female rappers. Moozlie’s music continues to push new age rap to the front of the game.

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