Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Know

Here are the top Amapiano artistes you should know about.

There’s practically no one in all of Mzansi and the entire African continent who hasn’t heard an Amapiano song or songs. The genre has proven to be stronger than a lot of genres in Mzansi and it continues to grow stronger by the day, what with the artistes who are sailing its ship.

Originating from old SA music genres including House, Kwaito, techno and Drum n Bass. The genre is crafted with just a few musical instruments; a piano, drums, and a synthesizer. In just a little while, it has drowned out every other music genre in the country to become the most preferred and most ubiquitous music genres in all of Mzansi.

Some artistes and disc jockeys in the country are credited to have taken the genre to the heights which it has reached. Their ingenious music production and features have sent the genre to the top of the charts and made it the most played and requested genre in SA. Each day, different styles of Amapiano are explored because it fuses various genres together which makes it easy to expand as much as it has done.

From disc jockeys, to music producers, to vocalists, here are some of the top Amapiano artistes you should know about and have on your playlist.

  • Kabza De Small

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 2

Talented Mzansi artiste, Kabza De Small is credited to be one of the founding fathers (most especially the original creator) of the Amapiano genre. He has created the kind of music that has given the genre a resounding voice on the airwaves and claimed disciples for its charge. He is regarded as the King Of Amapiano and known as a featured act, or solo act on songs like “Emcimbini”, “Hello”, and more.

  • DJ Maphorisa

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 3

If anyone has been trying hard to take Amapiano farther from the top, then it’s DJ Maphorisa. The popular hitmaker has been a teammate of Kabza De Small’s for a while now, and together, they have created some of the biggest tunes to emerge from the genre. He is known for hits including “Everything I Wanted”, “Emcimbini” and more.

  • Samthing Soweto

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 4

This is one artiste we have a special liking for. He continues to prove himself everytime with his new music and it is amazing to follow. His contribution to the Amapiano genre has helped push it far. He has appeared on some of the biggest songs from the genre including “Akulaleki”, “AmaDM”, and more.

  • Sha Sha

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 5

Talented female vocalist, Sha Sha has become one of the most recognized voices in the Amapiano genre. She rose to fame for appearing on some of the genre’s biggest songs. She is known for songs including “Tender Love”, “Akulaleki”, and more.

  • De Mthuda

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 6

De Mthuda has had a good run championing the charge for the Amapiano genre. His work has spoken for itself both on the airwaves and also on the charts. He continues to steal the scene with his music which is second to none. He is famous for hits including “Umamakhe”, “Bade” and more.

  • Semi Tee

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 7

Semi Tee is one inspiring music creator whose genius is evident in all the songs that he creates. There’s no telling the extent his brilliance can reach. He has crafted hit songs including “Labantwana Ama Uber”, “Lorch”, and more and continues to make the genre sound so indomitable.

  • Vigro Deep

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 8

Indeed, no one makes Amapiano sound good like talented Disc Jockey, Vigro Deep. The hitmaker has honed a unique talent of making songs in the genre that are almost with his signature. Both as a solo and featured act, he’s known for songs including “Mwari”, “Skoloto (vocal mix)”, and more.

  • Njelic

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 9

Mzansi disc jockey, Njelic continues to prove his worth to the music industry with the type of music he crafts. He is credited to be a part of the creation of hit tunes like “Nana Thula”, “Shesha (original mix), and more.

  • MFR Souls

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 10

If anyone deserves a constant round of applause for their work to impact the Amapiano genre, then it’s the MFR Souls. The two music gurus have dished hits like “Love You Tonight”, “Lalela”, and more. They still continue to prove themselves with each new release.

  • JazziDisciples

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 11

These disciples of piano will always make Amapiano look good with their music releases. They continue to prove their worth with amazing albums, and singles that speak tons about the genre. “Long lasting”, “Final Touch” are two songs out of many which they will always be remembered for.

  • Kammu Dee

Top Amapiano Artists You Should Listen To 12

Kammu Dee is the man whose work will never be forgotten as far as Amapiano is concerned. He brought his spice into “Labantwana Ama Uber”, and made it into a song to be left on repeat. He continues to appear on and drop the coolest songs that prove that the genre will never die.

If you’ve got more suggestions in mind, why not let us know.

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