Boohle – Groove Cartel Mix

When it comes to mixes in Africa, South Africa will most likely take the cup. There is rarely a day without a mix popping out of somewhere in the Rainbow Nation. One of such is an offering from Boohle. Welcome to the world of “Groove Cartel Mix.”

Released in collaboration with Amstel, this offering has great entertainer value. Left to us, we would point to it as a mix that should quickly get the party started and also sustain it for a long time as well.

Boohle’s “Groove Cartel Mix” is as much a musical offering as it is a testament to the creative energy of the singer. In fact, from listening to it, peeps unfamiliar with her and her work would likely easily make the decision to check out what next she might release.

Well, until another drop, take this as an invitation to luxuriate in the world of what’s been served.

Boohle – Groove Cartel Mix

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