Genjutsu Beats – Ragnar (Drill Remix)

A good time is right in the corner as Genjutsu Beats treats fans to new tune titled “Ragnar (Drill Remix)” .

“Ragnar (Drill Remix)” is the song of the moment for many, as it is currently rending on Tik Tok. The song is pretty appealing, so one can’t begrudge it its burgeoning fan base.

Also, it’s a debut for Genjutsu Beats here on UbeToo and a reason to look out for more numbers from him. Yup. It’s near impossible to take in “Ragnar (Drill Remix)” and not somehow want to savour more of the musician.

Well, until a new number drops, it is “Ragnar (Drill Remix)” all the way. This song will imbue your spirit with all the energy it’ll ever need this weekend and beyond. Wouldn’t you rather join us as we take a break with this scorching number from Genjutsu Beats? Best believe you’re in for a good time. No qualms.

What do you think of Genjutsu Beats’ “Ragnar (Drill Remix)” and how would you rate it on a scale of zero to ten? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

Genjutsu Beats – Ragnar (Drill Remix)

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