DJ Bullet – Mpumelelo Ft. Pixie L

A bullet for boredom. That’s what comes to mind thinking of DJ Bullet’s “Mpumelelo” song featuring Pixie L, which is available for your listening pleasure here on UbeToo.

He might not be the most regular on our orbit, but then the songster is pretty adept at snapping attention when he drops something. This much should be obvious to anyone conversant with his release history.

We count the most recent release a positive addition to that history in that it’s actually a charmer, a song that will easily snap the interest of anyone committed enough to just pause and listen. So if you count yourself among, then you’re in luck.

Pixie L pops on this song as a positive complement. The songster worked great with the lead singer. The result, for the listener, is a positive fever of anticipation for another collaboration. Well, until another joint jam, you’re welcome to vibe with what’s already playing.

DJ Bullet – Mpumelelo Ft. Pixie L

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