Felo Le Tee – KoKo Malume Ft. Guluva

South African music producer returns to UbeToo with a song titled “KoKo Malume,” featuring compatriot Guluva.

It’s a meeting of local champs and they put together a song that will delight the crowd out there and music lovers generally. Here, if you please genre devotion is of little relevance. calls the shots at the decks but can take up a singing position when called to do so. At least with his song in review, it is easy to observe that he’s got a voice that deserves to be heard.

The choice of Guluva as the sole guest on the song cannot be explained – nor do we care to even explain. The fact is that these pals did great together, and one can only nod at the beauty of their creation. For two artists who don’t have a crowded collaborative history, this song is more than enough motivation to want to see them link up on another song.

Well, until that happens, you’re better off joining us as we take a break with the sumptuous musical feast the pals have just served. Your should thank you for this drop. Let the music begin, people!

Felo Le Tee – KoKo Malume Ft. Guluva

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