Gaba Cannal Premieres Great I Am Album

Gaba Cannal drops a new album titled “Great I Am,” which apparently houses some great numbers you should check out.

Days back, on Instagram, the prolific producer and DJ had shared a teaser from the album. He stated in that post that the album was available for pre-order on streaming platforms like Apple muic, deezer, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play and Tidal.

He gave the release date for the project as 2 October 2020. That day is here and we have the body of work. Looking back, one can only smile, glad that the wait for the project has been worth it. The album was skillfully put together, and it is a joy to listen to.

“Great I Am” is an affirmation of self – Gaba Cannal’s belief in his artistic powers. It is hard not to believe in his creative sinews after listening to this project, which follows several fine projects including “Amapiano Legacy” album.

For on who has made a name for himself in the amapiano niche in South Africa, it is not surprising that amapiano numbers popped in his current project. And yes, they make for a delightful listening experience.

Stream the album below and let us know what you think.

Great I Am Album Tracklist

NO Title Artist Time
1 Not in My Senses (feat. Dearson) Gaba Cannal 7:30
2 Impilo (feat. Soulful G) Gaba Cannal 7:30
3 Umuntu Wam (feat. Mfundo Khumalo) Gaba Cannal 6:22
4 Without You (feat. Zano) Gaba Cannal 8:17
5 Another Day (feat. Queen Fofy) Gaba Cannal 7:27
6 Sebenzi Mali (feat. Mr Abie) Gaba Cannal 8:00
7 Moya (feat. Rafiki & Mngoma Omuhle) Gaba Cannal 8:25
8 Ama Kot Kot (feat. Galectik & RED BUTTON) Gaba Cannal 6:08
9 A Place Called Africa (feat. Aloe B) Gaba Cannal 7:11
10 Angisakhoni (feat. Dj Mandy & Mr Abie) Gaba Cannal 8:42
11 Zula Zula (feat. LaFemme) Gaba Cannal 6:52
12 Abalele (feat. zelous & Gwinsi) Gaba Cannal 6:48
13 Di Nolwane (feat. Decency) Gaba Cannal 7:36
14 Ring Bell (feat. Toots) Gaba Cannal 7:13
15 In Order (feat. GCM Crew) Gaba Cannal 8:04
16 Ntozabantu Gaba Cannal 7:35
17 Abalozi Gaba Cannal 8:08
18 Timeless Memories Gaba Cannal 7:38

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Official Stream / Download / Buy Link: Apple Music 

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