Sjava – Iphisi

South African trap ace Sjava is up with an interesting number dubbed “Ithuna.” If one were to think of the loose meaning of the track without first listening to the lyrics, chances are one would be consumed by a sense of foreboding.

But would the experience be different after listening to the song? That is what you are about to find out. But if you should ask us, we would tell you right away that you would love what the songsters have put together – a number of universal appeals and significance.

While this is not the finest track from Sjava’s “Isibuko” album, it is easily one of the memorable numbers from the compilation. So deciding to listen to it should be easy enough. What’s more, you can decide to listen to it over and over without boredom intruding at some point. Your time starts now. Come on!

Sjava – Iphisi

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