Zan’Ten – Urukuku (Main Mix)

Zan’Ten is not letting up, ladies and gentlemen. The duo has just unleashed something fresh for his fans to groove to. A DJ mix called “Urukuku (Main Mix).”

Zan’Ten keeps growing and expanding their music range as they keep putting out music relentlessly. It hasn’t even been long since they dropped their debut album, “Another Version of Us”. The album contains a whole 14 songs, of which some have featured guest appearances from that include that was a three-time feature on the project, Thabi P, Marsey, Djy Biza, another feature that appeared more than once, Scoop Lezinto, Welz, Jaysax, and Malemon, who has also worked with the duo on a song of his entitled, “Jeke Mahn”.

And unlike other up-and-coming artists, Zan’Ten actually does have a good listening followership on streaming services, pulling in streaming numbers in their thousands. If that does not show bright musical prospects for the pair, then nothing else does. In other words, we really think you should give the new “Urukuku (Main Mix)” a listen today.

Zan’Ten – Urukuku (Main Mix)

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