90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days: Viewers Interrogate Mahogany & Her Relationship With Ben

The reality show 90 Day Fiancé captured the attention of viewers since it first premiered on the TLC network, and from the look of things, viewers just can’t have enough of the show.

The show brings together people across borders, who date and eventually determine if they want to get married or return home from whence they came.

Expectedly, viewers of the show have got their favorites, with some championing those they consider their ideal couples.

It appears, however, that Mahogany has got the attention of most viewers – for good or ill. And she has been the key topic of their conversation on social media since.

Some viewers are not impressed with Mahogany speaking her confessional. They want to speak English, in which she clearly has a robust grasp.

Another viewer joked about Mahogany switching from understanding Spanish to translating it.

While Ben thinks he has something going on with Mahogany, sh dropped a shocker, indicating he’s just a friend -or an old friend, if you like – and that there’s nothing serious in their relationship.

Interestingly some viewers of the show think there’s zero chemistry between her and Ben and that Ben should stop pushing things with her. Will he listen?

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