#90DayFiancé: Thaís & Patrick Argue About Finances

It has often been said that money – how it’s made and managed – is a critical factor. This has proven true in the relationship between lovebirds Patrick and Thais. The two are considering getting married, but they have yet to agree on their finances.

The two are about to start their lives together in the United States but are unable to agree about money. Patrick made it clear that Thais isn’t going to just pop into his life and spend all his money.

Thais had countered that she doesn’t even know how much Patrick earns because he hasn’t shown her anything.

In response, Patrick tried to be reassuring, letting her know that he makes enough money to take care of them. When she asks for proof, though, he refuses, noting that his finances have never been important to her.

She persisted, however. As his future wife, she noted that she’s curious to know how much he earns. But Patrick wasn’t even convinced to reveal that. Instead, he referenced her needs and said they’re always taken care of without any excuses – the fridge, stocked; her nails, done; all the clothes she wants, available; everything she wants, she has.

“I can’t be your wife,” she said, describing Patrick as a strange person.

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