A-Reece To Feature On The first Episode Of Khuli Chana’s “The Originator” Music Doccie Series

A-Reece set to feature on the first episode of Khuli Chana’s music doccie series, The Originators on Trace as the first guest on the show.

Literally every SA Hip Hop fan is anticipating the upcoming music doccie series which is set to air on Trace. The show which is going to have rapper, Khuli Chana as its host has just revealed its first guest to be “A-Reeece”.

Everyone knows Reece doesn’t talk too much but he is definitely going to be talking about a lot on the first episode on November 2nd. That’s next week Monday. He will be talking about his journey as an artist, how he almost became a Law student, the Ivyson tour incident, and also about the fight that nearly broke out after a gig with Flvme.

If that isn’t enough reason to watch the show when it finally debuts, we wonder what is. Do not miss it.

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