AKA Needs Sponsors For AKATV; Explains Financial Challenges…

For those who only get excited when the “free” is mentioned, things actually cost money, and producing content for AKATV is one such thing.

In the beginning, AKATV was available via paid subscription. As AKA had said then, fans shouldn’t complain about paying for the TV. He has since changed his mind and made the channel subscription-free — apparently at serious financial cost to him.

The decision to make AKATV subscription-free came from the realization many are struggling financially during this COVID and may not even have funds for feeding and other necessities. Fans were excited when the TV was made free and praised the “Energy” rapper for his kindness.

AKA has since explained the serious financial struggles of producing content for AKATV. He didn’t disclose how much he spends on producing content for the TV, which comes as a downloadable app on Play Store. He merely stated it costs him a ton.

Also, he made it clear AKATV is constantly looking for sponsors to keep the TV app running.  How long till he gets a sponsor? How long will AKATV subscription remain free? The coming months should reveal a lot.

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