Ami Faku Number 1 Most-Streamed South African Female Artists on Deezer in 2019

Ami Faku makes a mark as she becomes the number one most-streamed Mzansi female artists in 2019.

Talented South African singer, Ami Faku, has bagged the title as the number one most-streamed South African female artists on Deezer last year. This news arrived no longer after Ami Faku announced that she would be launching her ‘Sincerely Yours’ project.

Her upcoming project ‘Sincerely Yours,’ consists of two shows. In these shows, Ami Faku will perform her debut album titled ‘IMALI’ with a full band, live.

The fact that the talented singer was able to surpass other talented female artists and take the number one spot shows that her debut album, IMALI, is an incredible and a top-notch album.

Her project, Sincerely Yours, is produced by Vth Agency production, in association with Untitled Basement and Akum Agency.

The two shows are scheduled to be held at Untitled Basement in Braamfontein on Thursday the 12th of March and Friday the 13th of March.

The ‘Imali’ hitmaker and her media team are excited to announce that the tickets for the Friday show have been officially sold out. She also appreciated her fans for their support. She definitely has loyal and dedicated fans who would do anything to avoid missing out on their favourite artist’s show.

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