Big Brother Titans: Twitter Reacts To Khosi & Ebubu’s Friendship As Khosi Advances To The Finals

The Twitter world has been buzzing over the friendship between Khosi and Ebubu in the ongoing Big Brother Titans reality show. Khosi has been spotted on numerous occasions helping Ebubu with his clothes, and fans are loving it. In a tweet by @CautiousStraw, it was reported that Khosi doesn’t like washing jeans and has been seen helping Ebubu fold his laundry. Fans are impressed with their friendship and are rooting for Khosi to make it to the finals.

@NtombiKyle tweeted, “Khosi and Ebubu are best friends, and I don’t think they know that. I’m here for this friendship.” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Khosi and Ebubu laughing together.

@Vi2ckyGodess2 also joined the conversation, saying she could listen and watch Khosi and Ebubu talk all day. She added, “KHOSI TO THE FINALS.”

In another tweet, @Vi2ckyGodess2 shared that Ebuka, the host of the show, had mentioned that “Coffee with Khosi” had brought some life to the show, and it was interesting to see HMs like Ebubu, who wouldn’t open up. Khosi is gradually becoming a fan favorite with her interesting personality and her closeness to Ebubu.

@Fswglory shared her thoughts on Khosi’s game and how she has remained focused, despite Ebubu getting a free pass to the finals. The tweet read, “It’s how Khosi has moved on with her game like Ebubu didn’t just get a free pass to the finals. Babe is so focused on the game without looking at the cameras, of course. Pure organic content.”

@ZamundanQueen shared a clip where Miracle suggested that he would have picked Justin instead of Ebubu, and she quickly added, “KHOSI FOR 100K.” Khosi’s fans are determined to see her emerge as the winner of the show.

In a tweet by @MaiaOma, Yvonne, and Nana were seen eating suya, and Yvonne offered some to Ebubu, saying, “You dey finals. Eat well.” This gesture shows the camaraderie among the housemates.

Finally, @BigBroAfrica announced that the first two Big Brother Titans finalists were Ipeleng and Ebubu, making it the first time two people had reached the finals in the history of the show. @KhoyemiLover tweeted, “When you know the two weakest people just handed you 100K. Congratulations to #KhosiTwala, the winner, and the two other finalists. God bless you.”

The friendship between Khosi and Ebubu has warmed the hearts of many fans. It remains to be seen if Khosi will make it to the finals and win the grand prize.

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