Big Xhosa Claims He Wrote An Email To Ambitiouz As Jay-z Because They Called Him ’Takalani’.

SA artist Big Xhosa claims he pretended to be and wrote an email to because they called him “Takalani”.

may be one of the country’s most talked-about labels, but they seem to have messed with the wrong rapper. The record label has been criticized for not treating their artists right. Many of these artists, including Emtee, Intaba Yase Dubai, and more, have exited the label.

has also constantly claimed to be the biggest label in the country. It seems they fell for a prank by SA Hip Hop’s best troll, Big Xhosa.

AE had tweeted that they had just received an email from American rapper asking to feature one of their artists when their joy was squashed. Replying to the tweet, Big Xhosa revealed he was the one who sent the email. He threatened to haunt them for calling him “Takalani”. AE may just be facing their worst nightmare.

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