Black Motion’s Thabo and Rakgadi Koetle Are Coming Back Strong After Breakup

Seems all is well between Black Motion’s Thabo and Rakgadi as the two hinted they are getting back together after the nasty break up that rocked their relationship.

Fans of Thabo and Rakgadi’s relationship were shocked when the two decided to split up six months after having a baby together. What even made it worse, was that the media said the issue between them was nasty, as family members had to weigh in.

Now there is a hope of happy ending coming to play in the relationship, as Thabo and Rakgadi are talking about getting back together, not just co-parenting, but as a couple.

Rakgadi also confirmed the news weeks ago, when she wished Thabo a happy birthday and also thanked him for being the best gift to her and their  baby daughter and even wished both of them many more years together. Also taking about moving in after the lockdown.

See the post below;

@rakgadi_sedy_koetle Via Instagram

Happy birthday baby. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift which is our baby girl. I love you forever daddy! Here’s to many more years and babies together. I don’t have to write a long paragraph here you know how I feel, I show you everyday ❤️❤️❤️ me and will make up for this day after lockdown. Enjoy your day ❤️ Photographs taken 2018 by: @jj_nchabz 🙏🏽

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