Bling Empire Actress Anna Shay Dead At 62

Death intruded into the entertainment universe again, taking with it the Bling Empire actress Anna Shay. She was 62.

Her family confirmed her death in a statement, noting that she died of a stroke. The statement also dwelled on her qualities and what her family had learned from her life, as well as the emotions spawned by her passing.

The statement described her family as saddened by her death. She was like sunshine to those around her, always focused on the need not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the beauties of life as they present themselves.

Shay had featured in several films in her long and eventful career. However, most people remember her for her role on  Bling Empire, which happens to be one of the biggest TV successes to date. Recalling her role in the flick, she had noted that she wasn’t really expecting the success that came with it.

She described herself as shy but decided to go along with whatever was happening during the filming of Bling Empire. The rest is history: Many people now associate her with the Netflix series.

Well, as her family noted, she will be forever missed for her contribution to the film universe.

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