Controversy Erupts As Rolling Stone Names Cardi B’s “Invasion Of Privacy” As 16th Greatest Hip Hop Album Of All Time

Controversy broke out on social media after celebrated magazine Rolling Stone named `s “Invasion of Privacy” the 16th best album of all time. 

The position placed her ahead of several greats, including Madvillain, whose “Madvillainy” comes at 18, Nas, whose “Illmatic” comes 24th place and -Z, whose “Reasonable Doubt” holds the 26th position. 

It’s unclear what metric Rolling Stone used to arrive at its verdict. But one thing is clear. Many social media users are furious with the list and the placing of Cardi B’s album ahead of what they consider superior albums. 

One irritated tweeter noted that Rolling Stone saying “Invasion of Privacy” by is better than the other albums mentioned here is a way of setting an artist up. 

Of course, one person who must be chuffed with the list is herself. And then her stans. 

Amid the controversy over her taking the 16th position ahead of -Z and Nas, her fans are shouting their support for her on social media, stating she deserves who she got. 

Anyway, it is doubtful that Rolling Stone would list and come up with another that puts Cardi B’s “Invasion of Privacy” ahead of the other albums mentioned here. 

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