Coronavirus: Sho Madjozi Details Her Lockdown Struggles

One incontrovertible truth about this period in the history of mankind if that the coronavirus pandemic affected many industries and correspondingly many people.

The pandemic had caused many countries around the world to lock down. South Africa was among the countries that shut down to contain the virus. Although the virus has not been fully contained, governments are beginning to relax the lockdown, artistes are beginning to speak about their experiences and struggles during the lockdown….

The latest artiste to open up about her struggles is Sho Madjozi of the “Limpopo Champios League” fame.

For one not used to being locked at home, Sho Madjozi had a difficult time adjusting to the new reality she could go nowhere. According to her, staying home didn’t feel natural, and there were points when she felt staying home was against her lifestyle.

She made this revelation in a recent interview with the citizen. Along the line, however, she realized other people might be struggling just like her. Then she figured a way to keep her spirits in the sun.

She is in a better space now and is even encouraging others to stay positive as the world wrestles with the pandemic. She is aware the pandemic might change the music industry but can’t say exactly how.

Well, what do you think?

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