Davido Shows Off His Luxurious Fleet Of Cars

In showbiz, showing off is one way stars indicate how far they have come, and what success they have made in their careers. It’s also a way of motivating others to push ahead and achieve something similar. But, of course, not everyone believes in that narrative. 

Anyway, Davido is one of Nigeria’s biggest music successes to date. Born into wealth, the songster has merely added more money to his coffers with his music. 

And in the tradition of must wealthy musicians, he’d spoiled himself with some very expensive rides, including a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Lamborghini, and a Mercedes Benz. He also has a Maybach on the way. 

Fans had a chance to get a peek into the “Risky” coroner’s garage when he showed the music promoter Paulo Okoye around his home. The cars mentioned earlier are among those the music producer saw. 

Speaking to Okoye, Davido noted that the music promoter was an inspiration. He said he’d been I spires when Okoye rolled around in his Rolls Royce. So he, Davido, strives to achieve the same. And he did. You can check out the clip below. 

In all, it obvious the cars in David’s fleet are worth over 1 billion naira.

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