Dua Lipa & Trevor Noah Kiss, Spark Romance Rumour During Time Out In New York

Is there anything like an innocent kiss? Many people will tell you no, especially when the two persons involved are in no way related. Well, peeps out there are speculating about a possible relationship between Trevor Noah and after the two were caught kissing in New York City during a romantic date.

’s last publicly known relationship was with Anwar Hadid. Apparently, she has not only moved on with her life but is keen to start afresh with someone else, affirming Saul Bellow’s assertion that when the dear disappears, there’s another dear waiting near.

Neither Trevor Noah nor has confirmed a possible relationship. But then that’s how most celebrity relationships start, with neither partner cluing the press in on what’s going on until things cannot be hidden anymore.

If the relationship with is to be believed, then it would be the comedian’s first real known relationship after he broke up with Minka Kelly in May. The relationship with Minka was said to have run pretty deep, and some analysts were even expecting the couple to get married at some point.

But fate intruded. And here Trevor Noah is, apparently single and ready to mingle. Can you beat that?

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