Faith Nketsi Flaunts Husband Declared Wanted By The Police

South African reality show star Faith Nketsi has just shown that she is here for the long game after showing off her husband despite the police declaring him wanted in a recent post on social media.

The Port Shsptone Police Department of the South African Police Services (SAPS) has tweeted that Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo and one other are wanted for fraud. The police implored those with information about him to share the same with them.

The police tweet brought to life what many people have been saying all along – that Njilo must b into something illegal given the wealth he was flaunting all over the place despite having no recognisable source of income.

Anyway, it appears like Faith Nketsi doesn’t care what the public might think about her not, including the police’s recent post about him. Taking to her verified Instagram page, she shared a picture of them in a playful mood, with what appears to be a  paper bag around them.

The caption to her post reads, “They play too much.” It appeared ambiguous because her references might be to the police, who are looking for her man, or to the two of them, who were playful in the picture she shared.

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