Full Judgment: Ntuthuko Shoba Found Guilty of Tshegofatso Pule’s Murder

After a lengthy trial that had millions around South Africa at attention, Ntuthuko Shoba was found guilty of killing his girlfriend Tshegofatso Pule 2020.

In what many followers of the case have described as one of the most horrific crimes in South Africa, Tshegofatso Pule, then eight months pregnant, was shot and killed and then hanged on a tree in Durban.

Who did that?

Ntuthuko Shoba had maintained his innocence from the beginning of the trial. According to him, he only knew Muzikayise Malephane, the convicted triggerman in the case, as a car thief.

Muzikayise Malephane has reached a plea agreement with the state and stood as one of the witnesses against Shoba, noting the former stock exchange ace was the brains behind the crime.

Muzikayise Malephane had claimed that Shoba wanted Pule killed because her pregnancy posed a serious threat to his long-term relationship with another woman back. In addition, he was expected to have benefitted from an R8 million life cover payout from his fiancé as her mother died months previously.

Key to arriving at the guilty verdict was a video in which three minutes were unaccounted for. Below is the full judgment that found Shoba guilty of Pule’s murder.

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