George Floyd: Jay-Z joins Protest With “Songs For Survival 2” Playlist

Y’all know what is resonating across the world right now? The voice of protest, of course. People are angry at the recent killing of and other blacks, and they are advertising their anger in the streets: protesting.

was a black man with some roots in the music industry. He died when the cop Derek Chauvin took a knee on his neck. His passing ignited anger among the humane, opening the issue of race relations and police brutality in America once again.

The protests in George Floyd’s memory have been pretty loud in the United States, and rapidly spreading across the world. The rapper LL Cool J released a video of protest  and condemnation days back. In that video, the songster gave the police the finger while amplifying the advocacy Black Lives Matter.

Rap icon -Z has just made it to the protest circuit as well, with a playlist entitled “Songs For Survival 2.” This compilation features songs by some famous voices in world music, living and dead.

Tupac, Electronica, James Brown, Nina Symone and Jay-Z himself are on the “Songs For Survival 2” playlist.

The songs featured might get you thinking. They might even get you angry…

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