Harry Styles Sings With Shania Twain And Debuts New Songs At Coachella

Yesterday the 15th of April 2022, Harry Styles made his first appearance at the popular music festival Coachella while performing at his Friday night set. Styles performed As It Was, the lead single off his soon to be released album titled Harry’s House and some other hit songs from the catalogue. See Styles’ full setlist below:

As It Was
Adore You
What Makes You Beautiful
Treat People With Kindness
Man! I Feel Like a Woman!
Lights Up
Late Night Talking
You’re Still the One
Watermelon Sugar
Canyon Moon
Sign of the Times

Harry Styles began his set at Coachella with an uncomplicated salutation by introducing himself. “Good evening. My name is Harry.” He then began performing to the tens of thousands that converged on a polo field in Indio, California, and many tuned in to watch live on YouTube.

Before starting the show, Harry Styles promised to entertain the crowd and made them understand that it is his job as a musician and he would do his very best to deliver. Still, he also demanded that the crowd do their part by enjoying the performance, encouraging them to be whoever they have always wanted to be.

For Styles, that reminds him of his younger self, before One Direction days when he constantly sang Shania Twain classics in the car. To the surprise of many, there she was, in the flesh, after about one hour into his set, to sing “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” word for word together with Twain. The song was one of the biggest songs in 1999.

Commenting on the songstress, Styles said, “This lady taught me to sing. She also told me that men are trash.”

Said Twain then responded and said, “I’m a bit starstruck. What can I say? No, really, I’m a fan of you, of course. I realise that when I was writing this song, you were just a little kid. It’s kind of a dream and very surreal to be sitting here right now to sing this song with you. I think I’m just in love, and this song is all about love. So let’s just sing about love.”

They then continued to wow the crowd as they sang Twain’s 1997 hit, “You’re Still the One.”

Before he brought out Twain, Styles sang a couple of new songs, including the newly released chart-topping single “As It Was” and an unreleased song probably titled “Boyfriends,” in which Harry Styles asked, “Who in the audience has ever had a boyfriend? Who in the audience has never had a boyfriend?” and then followed it up with a negative remark, “To boyfriends everywhere, fuck you.” The crowd then went wow.

Following the Boyfriend song/comments, Styles performed another upcoming song, “Late Night Talking.” Styles’ third studio album, Harry’s House is out May 20 via Columbia. He made the album in numerous spots worldwide, including Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Tokyo, between 2020 and 2021. Styles worked with regular collaborators for the project songwriting, including Tyler Johnson, Kid Harpoon, and Mitch Rowland.

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