Holocaust Comment: ABC News Suspends Whoopi Goldberg

Holocaust Comment: ABC News Suspends Whoopi Goldberg

ABC News has suspended Whoopi Goldberg over her comments on the Jewish Holocaust.

The co-host of The View was suspended for two weeks after noting that the Jewish Holocaust was not about race. Although she’s since apologized, the suspension remains in force.

Her suspension is said to have been made to give her the time to reflect on her words and learn from them

In a statement, ABC had noted that it was suspending Goldberg for “wrong and hurtful comments” about Jews and the Holocaust.

The ABC News President Kim Godwin noted that the organization was standing in solidarity with Jewish colleagues, friends, family, and communities. Her suspension came exactly a day after she made the comments on the set of The View.

Recalling her statement on The View, Goldberg had acknowledged that her words upset many people, which was never her intention. She expressed gratitude for the way people responded, as it made her better understand some different things.

The Holocaust is a very sensitive subject, and people who have commented unreasonably about it have faced severe public backlash.

What follows after two weeks is what many are looking forward to right now. As some of her fans put it, hopefully, she doesn’t make another slip.