Jomo Sono Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Daughter, Businesses, Cars, House, Father & Football Career

Basic Information

Stage Name: Jomo Sono
Real Name: Ephraim Matsilele Sono (born Madoda Walletjies Mkulwana)
Occupation: Professional Footballer, Coach, Football Club Owner
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 July 1955 (68 Years Old
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married


Ephraim Matsilele Sono (born Madoda Walletjies Mkulwana), known professionally as Jomo Sono, is a South African football coach, club owner, and former professional football player. He also goes by a few nicknames that were given to be because of his skill and popularity; “Black Prince Of South African Soccer,” “Bra J,” and “Mjomana.”


Ephraim Matsilele Sono, a.k.a Jomo Sono, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on the 17th of July, 1955. He celebrated his 67th birthday in July 2022.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Jomo Sono’s net worth is unknown to the public. However, his success in the business world and on the sports scene has not gone unnoticed. Sono is believed to be worth millions of Rand as a result of his businesses and previous career. He owns a food-chain business and hotels. He also owns a football club which is quite popular.


Jomo Sono met the love of his life, Gail Sono, many years ago. The couple got married in 1979 and had four children together. According to reports, their wedding happened on the same day as the South African Orlando Pirates were playing against Highlands Park. With the permission of his father-in-law, the football star had to leave his wedding to attend the game.


Jomo Sono’s marriage to Gail was blessed with beautiful and hardworking children. His daughter Nyiko Sono is the former Marketing Manager of the Cosmos Club.

Sono’s son Bamuza took after his father’s playing skills. He plays for Jomo Cosmos FC and also works as the acting team manager in South Africa.


Jomo Sono was not only great at playing football, but he also had brains for business. After his football career, which spanned three decades, Sono worked as the technical director and coach for the South African team, Bafana Bafana. He also began doing business in Soweto. There, he became the first owner of the KFC franchise. According to reports, he also owns hotels in South Africa apart from food chains.


Jomo Sono has not shared any photos of the car he drives. He keeps such information away from the public.


While Jomo Sono has not shared photos of his home, he is reported to live in a luxurious house. He also reportedly owns several other properties in South Africa.


Jomo Sono’s father was Eric Bhamuza “Scars” Sono. He was a South African Soccer player who ignored the apartheid laws, which prohibited people of different races from competing with one another. He also captained the Orlando Pirates football club. At the age of 27, Eric Sono died in a car crash. His son, Jomo Sono, was eight when he died.

Football Career

Jomo Sono sold apples and peanuts at a stadium to care for his grandparents and himself. One day, during a match, one of the Orlando Pirates’ regular players was absent, and Sono was requested to stand in for him. He scored two goals for the team and was invited to play with them permanently. He soon gained fame for his skills, including dribbling and accurate passing skills. It earned him the nickname Jomo (which means “burning spear”) by an Orlando Pirates fan. They saw in him the same leadership qualities as those of Jomo Kenyatta (then president of Kenya). He also played for the New York Cosmos in the US, as well as other popular clubs.

He returned to South Africa and bought the Highlands Park club and remained it Jomo Cosmos in honour of his old team. The club has achieved several successes under his leadership.

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