Kanye West’s Entire Record Contract In Pictures

Kanye West is not the happiest of men right now. The American rapper is fed up with the music contracts he signed and just wants to do things his way – get his masters back and do things his own way.

He describes most record contracts as nothing short of modern-day slavery and has shared letters of his contract in a series of tweets – perhaps to reinforce his statement of record labels running artistes like slaves.

He has also stated that Universal Music Group wouldn’t tell him how much his masters are worth because they know he would buy them all back.

With the “DONDA” rapper storming the Internet with his contract displeasure, his presidential ambitions seem to have taken a secondary spot.

Kanye West’s take on record labels has provoked an international debate, with artistes around the world weighing in on the subject. Some are of the view there are better ways of addressing the subject than the social media drama the songster is acting out, including urinating on his Grammy award.

You may want to check out the contract Kanye West shared on his Twitter page in a series of tweets and let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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