Lady Du Reveals When She Got Her First Business Card

South African disc jockey and producer Lady Du has just made an interesting revelation about her music journey, and fans are surprised and impressed about it all. They should be.

According to the celebrated musician, she had her first business card at the age of 16. Yeah, you heard that right – exactly when some peeps are still in secondary school and asking Mummy for pocket money.

Lady Du made the revelation in a recent post to her page. She shared the old card and joked that both the phone number and the email on the card don’t even work. Well, having been in the industry for such a length of time, she’d also joked that she should be respected for that. Veteran things. Lol.

Other celebs and fans alike were in her comments to celebrate her musical journey with her and to laugh at the jokes she made of it.

Lady Du has come a long way as a musician. Interestingly, she considers herself a miracle child because she’s got issues with her heart and just cannot run for one minute without needing admission into the hospital.

However, she can sing and dance on stage for 25.minutes without any problem whatsoever. Therein lies the idea of a miracle.

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