“Life is Unfair” – Euphonik Remembers Killer Kau in Touching Video

might be dead, but he continues to live in the memories of those who love him, his associates, and those whose lives he impacted. And that includes music producer DJ Euphonik.

In a recent tweet, Euphonik had shared a clip of him and together. According to him, the clip was taken in 2017, in the early hours of the morning. He described life as unfair.

Two broken-heart emojis indicated he’s still grieved by Killer Kau’s passing

Killer Kau, one of the notable voices in South Africa’s amapiano space, had perished alongside five others in an while heading to a gig. Most of the dead are musicians in the amapiano genre. It was the biggest loss the genre had experienced at the same time.

Months may have passed since the tragic accident. But as should be obvious from Euphonik’s post, and the responses to it, the amapiano muso is still very fresh in the hearts of many in South Africa. You can check out the clip below.

By the way, amapiano DJ Lady Du had memorialized Killer Kau, alongside Mpura, by getting a new tattoo on her wrist. She had also delivered a deeply moving tribute during Mpura’s funeral.

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