MashBeatz Says He And A-Reece Will Never Patch Things Up

SA Hip Hop producer MashBeatz says he and A-Reece will never patch things up. Here’s why.

We have watched some of our faves on the scene feud with each other. While some have made up, others do not seem to have plans to. An example is Cassper Nyovest and AKA; we have no idea if they will ever bury the hatchet.

A-Reece and MashBeatz used to have an amazing working relationship and friendship, but the two have since parted ways, and no one knows why. Speaking to Slikour, the famous producer revealed that they had a falling out and never got the chance to fix things.

Well, me and Reece, we’re brothers, and we had fallout about things that we never had like a chance to communicate about,”

He said he wasn’t in the head space to make up and did not know where Reece’s head was. “For me it’s like, like I said, its us moving on to the next thing, I don’t know what he’s thinking, but I don’t think he’s at that state of wanting to, like make things happen and same as me I’m not trying to make amends, I’m not trying to make friends, I’m just like, I’m chasing amps,”

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