Moonchild Sanelly Says She Doesn’t Date South African Men

Moonchild reveals she doesn't date South African men

Moonchild Sanelly reveals she does not date South African men.

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As everyone would expect some of their country’s biggest stars to date people from the country, it seems that isn’t how it really works. Well, at least not in Moonchild Sanelly’s books. Well, she’s got an obvious taste in men but not just ones from South Africa.

The singer is actually spreading her oats abroad. We mean every bit of that. After appearing in a recent back and forth with some of her male followers, we are convinced that Sanelly is done with Mzansi men for good. Well, here’s what went down.

The singer had replied a male follower who threw a pass her way, saying she doesn’t date South African men anymore. This caused someone else to join the convo and question her about it, and still she stood her ground and defended her decision. There you have it, Moonchild isn’t into our men anymore.


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