Murdah Bongz (Mörda) Returns “Stolen” Black Motion Equipment As Ordered By Court

Black Motion’s Murdah Bongz, who is now known as Mörda, has reportedly returned the studio equipment he allegedly stole from the apartment belonging to the now-defunct band of which he was a member.

Spirit Motion, the record label to which he was signed alongside his former bandmate Thabo Smol, had earlier claimed that the songster broke into their apartment and carted away musical equipment. Pictures of the alleged heist were also shared on social media.

Besides claiming that Mörda stole the equipment, Spirit also affirmed it has instituted a court case against the musician to return the “stolen” equipment.

Mörda was indifferent at the outset and shared a clip of him partying hard and mocking those who had called for his arrest. In a new twist to the story, though, he had reportedly returned the equipment he carted away.

According to a source, speaking to Drum Magazine, the songster has returned part of the equipment. He had no choice because the equipment does not belong to him anyway. The source also claimed that he is yet to return the piano, but he will be forced to return it through legal processes as well.

Mörda reportedly sent someone to return the equipment.

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