Nadia Nakai Takes 40 Bars To Homeground

Nadia Nakai performs 40 Bars on Homeground

performs her latest song, “40 Bars” on the latest episode of his Homeground.

Mzansi rapper, is on a roll these days. Mzansi may think she’s either being called out by fellow rapper , or she’s in a relationship with , but she’s not interesting in paying heed to all that. She’s all about her music, and her plans to dominate all the rap playlists all over the country and the world.

The popular rapper recently appeared on the latest episode of the sports and lifestyle TV show, Homeground where she performed her latest song, “40 Bars”. Sitting down with the show’s host, , she talked about her upcoming projects and her newly released single, 40 Bars, which features Capital and .

The rapper later on took to the stage where she performed the song live. She still sounded as incredible as she did on the recorded version of the track.

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