Pearl Thusi Appreciates Nasty C’s Talent

Pearl Thusi comments that Nasty C has a rare talent.

It’s like a kind of friendship where both parties appreciate each other. Nasty C had sent a shout-out to Pearl Thusi on his social media page last week, over bagging a leading role in a new Netflix series titled, ‘Queen Somo.’

It seems that Pearl Thusi is a great fan of hip hop. The actress recently took to her Twitter page to gush over Lil Wayne. She commented that he is the best rapper alive. Pearl Thusi has also made her comment about Nasty C.

Pearl Thusi took to her Twitter page to write:

Guys, one of these days we really need to discuss how God did too much when he portioned talent to Nasty C. Like if talent was oil and Nasty C was chicken, God said lemme deep fry this nigga.

Several Twitter users agreed to the comment made by Pearl Thusi. They also tweeted in response to her statement, appreciating the unique talent that the award-winning rapper, Nasty C, possess.


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