Priddy Ugly & Bontle Modiselle On Reality TV Show Offers

A reality show is one of the go-to areas for people after they become famous. But it turns out not many are interested in the world of reality shows. They don’t want to create one and would not want to create one even when they have big offers to do so.

Priddy is one celeb who is completely uninterested in being part of a reality show despite being approached multiple times. According to the “EGYPT” rapper, he and his wife, the amiable dance Bontle Bontle Modiselle, have been approached with reality show offers.

While the offer might have appeared juicy to someone else and even gotten the nod, the songster made it clear that he and his wife have never been interested in reality shows.

He made this known in a recent tweet, which you can check out below. Apparently, over the years, offers have been coming and coming, and the songster has delighted himself with turning them all down. He ended with “Warm regards.”

There are clearly no hard feelings. But when it comes to hosting a reality show, if you have ideas, it would be best not to look in Priddy Ugly’s direction.

It will be interesting to see whether he would change his mind one day.

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