R Kelly’s Associate Admits To Arson Charge In Bid To Silence The RnB Star’s Accuser

An associate of embattled RnB champ R. Kelly has admitted burning the SUV of one of his accusers to prevent her from giving evidence against the music veteran.

The accuser, Azriel Clary, used to be in a relationship with the R Kelly. The musician’s associate Michael Williams was found guilty of arson by setting her SUV on fire.

Michal William pleaded guilty to charges of arson, a crime for which he might spend up to 60 months in prison – or more.

Azriel Clary had shared pictures of her burnt SUV back in 2020. Court records indicate that Williams had tracked Clary’s location with his phone before he committed the crime.

Williams had reportedly made a trip from Georgia to Florida, a distance of about 366 miles, and return to Georgia same day, after committing the crime

Charged alongside Williams are Donnell Russell and Richard Arline Jr. Both have also pleaded guilty.

Some fans are unimpressed by Williams’ conviction, though. One particularly irritated fan made it known that whatever, happens his music hero R Kelly remains a legend and no one can take that from him.

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