Saudi Says Ambitiouz Entertaiment Is A Sh*tty Record Label!

The Rapper, Saudi seems not to be happy with his record label, as he calls out Ambitiouz Entertainment for being a sh*tty record label.

Saudi who saw his record label Emtee join the long list of artistes to leave the label, supported his move but made a choice to stick with the label. Now it seems the artiste has had enough with the label, as he came out to say Ambitiouz Entertainment was sh*tty, but also stating what the label had done for him in the past. Although the artist is still signed to the record label but he thinks they have to work on their operations;

See post below;

The rapper did not have a smooth sailing in the past with the record label, as he felt his debut album “Drug” was not promoted enough and he felt they could have done better in promoting their artistes has a brand.

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