Simphiwe Dana Gives The Finger To Universal Music

Simphiwe Dana Gives The Finger To Universal Music

Mzansi songstress Simphiwe Dana is unimpressed by the way Universal Music is treating her, and she had publicly denounced the company, accusing them of trying to eat her soul.

In a long rant on Twitter, the songstress stated that Universal Music wants her blood because she asked the record label to do well by her. She said they might have gotten scared because of how much they spent on her album, with no care whatsoever of the among she had ploughed into the same project.

And because she felt disregarded, she is pissed. She claimed in another tweet that record labels have been exploiting artists for so long. She is especially distressed because, according to her, it is actually black people who are making her life miserable at Universal Music

At some point, she apologized for her rant but still gave Universal Music the finger.

She challenged the record label to bring their best lawyers, that she would be waiting for them in court. While she doesn’t claim to have a lawyer – or anything close to what Universal music might in their defence, she has the truth and will be challenging them with it.

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